LRNG Innovation Challenge
NEA Research Grant

To support a meta-analysis on the effects of drama-based pedagogies on literacy-related student outcomes. The study focuses on empirical research literature published from 1985 through the present. Literacy-related outcome areas of interest include achievement (writing and reading), and psychological, social, and behavioral student outcomes in educational settings. The meta-analysis will include published and non-published, and experimental and quasi-experimental, studies involving school-aged children, adolescents, and college students.

To support work that focuses on making visible what we know and what we don’t know about active and dramatic approaches for digital storytelling. We bring together people with an expertise in active and dramatic approaches, multicultural literacy, digital storytelling, summer institute planning, and writing development with young people 

YEAR    GRANT         MY ROLE                     DESCRIPTION OF PROJECT                         AMOUNT REQUESTED                       AMOUNT AWARDED

2016    Community Connectors Grant, Evaluator. Programming and evaluation grant for mentoring from Ohio Department of Education. Awarded.


2016    Spencer Research Practice Partnership, Co-PI. Grant to research the partnership between the university and local schools; PI Caroline Clark ($400,000). Submitted.


2016    National Professional Development DOE, Evaluator. Grant for biliteracy programming for K-12 students and families; PI Millie Gort ($2.1 Million). Submitted.


2015    Parent Teacher Engagement Grant OH DOE, Co-PI. Course development and implementation grant to support a course for pre-service teachers to better address multi-lingual, inclusive practices for teacher and family engagement ($24,000). Awarded at $24,000.

2015    NEA Research Grant, PI. Research grant to support meta-analysis of the effect of drama-based pedagogies on literacy related outcomes ($30,000). Awarded at $15,000.


2014    Designing and Building 3D models, PI. National Science Foundation grant to support professional development and 3D model design/build/use in secondary science classrooms ($800,000). Not awarded.


2014    Changing Directions: Becoming readers and performers of complex text, Co-PI. Department of Education Arts and Education Model Development and Dissemination Grant ($2.1 Million). Not awarded.


2014    LRNG Innovative Educator, Co-PI. LRNG Innovation Challenge ($20,000). Notification in November 2014. Awarded at $3500.


2013    Arts Across the Curriculum, Consultant. Impact Austin grant to support professional development and in-class work for arts-based curriculum focused on vocabulary development ($150,000). Awarded at $150,000.


2011    UT Special Research Grant, Assistant Investigator, Writer. The University of Texas research grant to support innovative research on campus ($750). Awarded at $750.


2011    LIFT, Instructional Master Videos and Crowdsourcing, Assistant Writer; Consultant. The University of Texas grant for technology innovation for creating instructional videos in drama-based instruction ($124,000). Awarded at $100,000.


2010    MindPOP, Webcapacity, Primary Investigator. Mini-grant for research into the use of online drama-based instruction ($2,500.). Awarded at $2000.


2009    Drama for Schools, Assistant Investigator. Contract with the Victoria Independent School District with support from the Hewitt Foundation ($20,000).


2009    Drama-based Instruction Resource Guide, Assistant Investigator. FAST Tex Award provides student team to build an interactive website on drama-based instruction to support UT courses and the Drama for Schools outreach efforts at The University of Texas at Austin. Awarded.


2008    Drama for Schools, Assistant Investigator. Contract with the Victoria Independent School District. ($80,000). Awarded at $80,000.


2004    Second Youth Arts Education, Assistant Investigator. Texas Commission on the Arts. ($15,000). Not awarded.


2004    Arts Outreach Development with The Arkansaw Bear, Primary Investigator. Junior League of Austin. ($1500). Awarded at $1500.


2004    Second Youth Arts Education Development, Co-Investigator. Austin Community Foundation. ($125,000). Not Awarded.

List of Grant & Funding Submissions



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