University Teaching


2013-2017             Post-Doctoral Fellow/Research Scientist                        The Ohio State University      


Course: Diverse Approaches to Research on Teaching and Learning (30 graduate in-service teachers and international students); Spring 2014, 2015, 2016


Course: Teaching and Learning in and through Drama (20-24 undergraduate pre-service teachers); Fall 2013, 2014, 2016


Lab work group: Meta-analysis in Educational Research (10 graduate students and professors); Ongoing


2011-2013                   Teaching Assistant               The University of Texas


Course: Cognition, Human Learning and Motivation (65-100 freshman and sophomore pre-service teachers). Instructor: Marilla Svinicki, Ph.D.


Course: Applied Human Learning (undergraduate cohort of 25 pre-service teachers, coincides with first placement in a PreK-2 classroom). Instructors: Erika Patall, Ph.D. and Marie Suizzo, Ph.D.


2009-2012                   Lecturer                                 The University of Texas


Course: Drama-Based Pedagogy and Practice; Summer Institute: Activating Learning through the Arts (undergraduate, graduate, in-service and pre-service educators). Developed and implemented instruction for in-service K-6 teachers. Instructors: Bridget Lee, Ph.D. & Kathryn Dawson


2004                            Teaching Assistant               The University of Texas


Course: Creative Drama 1 (undergraduate education majors). Instructor: Joan Lazarus.


2004                            Assistant Instructor             The University of Texas


Courses: Acting for Non-Majors (undergraduate); Training the Speaking Voice (undergraduate). Instructor of record.


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